South Sudan Power Market Outlook to 2021

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South Sudan Power Market was valued at USD XX billion in 2015 and the market is expected to grow to USD XX billion by 2021, at a CAGR of XX percent.
The power generation, transmission and distribution networks of a region define the development of the region. Electricity has become an essential commodity for the functioning of industries and the society alike. Huge investments are made in the development of power generation, transmission, and distribution networks worldwide. 

Power generation uses a variety of sources ranging from fossil fuels like coal and oil, to renewable sources like wind and solar. The energy mix for electricity generation is dominated by fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, with the three constituting almost over 65 percent of the global energy mix. There is however, a gradual shift towards renewable energy the world over and this is seen as a growing threat to the conventional power generation industry. Renewables are also being promoted by international agreements like the Paris Climate Change Agreement. They are seen the world over as the future of the power industry, however conventional sources will be the major source of power in the world, during the study period. A gradual transition can be expected in the long run in the power generation mix, to incorporate more of renewables. Another major factor that is holding back development in the power market is the huge investment that is required for setting up or modernizing a power generation, transmission, or distribution network.

In spite of the above restraints, the power market will show growth, thanks mainly to the power shortage that the world is facing. The global population is growing, and in addition to this, rapid urbanization can be observed leading to improved living standards the world over. This is proving to be a strain to the existing power generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure. A development of the power generation, transmission, and distribution network is becoming a necessity that needs immediate attention. . South Sudan presently has an estimated power generation capacity of XX GW, and this is expected to grow to XX GW by 2021. Transmission and distribution losses is another major issue that is eating into the revenues of the power industry. An increase in investment in technologies like smart grid, which help improve the efficiency of the present day power generation, transmission, and distribution systems; in addition, improving the control over power networks is seen as a solution to this problem. South Sudan is expected to develop its power transmission and distribution network during this forecasted time period, in order to cope up with the growing power demand.

South Sudan power market report provides a division of the power generation sector based on the type of fuel used into - thermal, gas, nuclear and renewables, among others. South Sudan power transmission and distribution networks have also been analysed in the report. The key company analysis section is aimed at analysing the companies involved in the power generation, transmission, and distribution sectors. In addition to this, an analysis of key upcoming and pipeline projects in each of these segments has also been conducted.


1. Executive Summary

2. Research Methodology

3. Market Overview

                3.1 Introduction

                3.2 Market Demand to 2020

                3.3 Recent Developments in South Sudan Power Industry

                3.4 Government Policies and Regulations

                3.5 Investment Opportunities

4. Market Dynamics

                4.1 Drivers

                4.2 Constraints

                4.3 Opportunities

5. PESTLE Analysis

6. South Sudan Power Generation Scenario

                6.1 Market Overview

                6.2 Installed Power Capacity, by Fuel Type

                                6.2.1 Thermal

                                6.2.2 Gas

                                6.2.3 Renewable

                                6.2.4 Nuclear

                                6.2.5 Others

                6.3 Key projects

                                6.3.1 Projects in pipeline

                                6.3.2 Upcoming projects

                6.4 Annual Power Generation, by Fuel Type

                                6.4.1 Thermal

                                6.4.2 Gas

                                6.4.3 Renewable

                                6.4.4 Nuclear

                                6.4.5 Others

                6.5 Power Consumption by Sector

                6.6 Key Players

                                6.6.1 Domestic

                                6.6.2 International

7. South Sudan Power Transmission Network

                7.1 Market Overview

                7.2 Power Transmission Infrastructure, by capacity

                7.3 Power Transmission Infrastructure, by length

                7.4 Power Transmission Infrastructure, by substations

                7.5 Key Players

                                7.5.1 Domestic

                                7.5.2 International

                7.6 Key Projects

                                7.6.1 Projects in pipeline

                                7.6.2 Upcoming projects

8. South Sudan Power Distribution Network

                8.1 Market Overview

                8.2 Power Distribution Infrastructure, by capacity

                8.3 Power Distribution Infrastructure, by length

                8.4 Power Distribution Infrastructure, by substations

                8.5 Key Players

                                8.5.1 Domestic

                                8.5.2 International

                8.6 Key Projects

                                8.6.1 Projects in pipeline

                                8.6.2 Upcoming projects

9. Competitive Landscape

                9.1 Mergers & Acquisitions

                9.2 Joint Ventures, Collaborations and Agreements

10. Appendix

                10.1 Disclaimer

                10.2 Contact Us

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