Sorghum Value Chain Analysis - Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2020 - 2025)

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After harvest, sorghum that is marketed involves fairly simple transactions between several buyers and sellers dictated by price. Farmers have little incentive to add value, in terms of quality, either through improved production practices or after-harvest. Further, they have limited resources to invest in other value addition options, such as storage centers or equipment, bulk milling, or transportation.

Sorghum Processors’ Overwhelming Need for Financing

Sorghum processors are equally split among men and women, for the most part, processing white sorghum, yet additionally, a decent amount of red sorghum. Almost half of the processors use equipment that are imported, while the rest of the processors largely use a mix of imported and locally made equipment. In terms of business challenges, sorghum processors need high level of financing, mainly operating capital for carrying out day-to-day activities.      

Lack of Access to Agrochemicals Affects Nigeria’s Value Chain

Sorghum is typically produced by smallholder farmers, primarily for home or animal consumption. Producers are at the heart of the sorghum value chain. The producers mainly grow for their household consumption and trade the rest in the domestic market. A part of their production is also exported to neighboring countries in the Sahel, but mostly informally. The support sector is generally weak, though the transportation sector serves the value chain quite effectively.

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