Rice Value Chain Analysis - Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2020 - 2025)

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Rice is a major food staple mainly cultivated by the smallholder farmers less plots. Rice is an essential part of the diet of large parts of the population in Asia, parts of Latin America, and increasingly in Africa. In many countries rice is subject to a wide range of government controls and regulations.

No Substantial Supply Chain Framework for India

Rice is the basic grain of daily consumption in countries of Asia, especially India. It always has a significant demand, depicting a seasonal growing trend. A major concern is to identify the appropriate demand and meet it profitably. The production and business of rice has been one of the major concerns of Indian Economy, as it has no substantial supply chain framework. This often results in unfulfilled demands, stock outs and overstocking, and distribution issues.

Supply Chain is Directly Dependent on the Productivity of the Farmer

The primary and the major stage of the supply chain network of rice is held by the paddy farmers. They supply paddy to the rice processing companies that further supply, directly and indirectly, through intermediaries, depending on the type of farmers and their productivity. As per the World Bank- FAO study of 2012, around 8% - 26% of the rice was lost in the developing nations due to and poor infrastructure post-harvest issues.

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