Orange Value Chain Analysis - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021 - 2026)

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Among the agricultural produce, perishable produce, like oranges, have got the least attention. The supply chain management of this perishable food produce constitutes the processes from production to delivery of the agri-fresh produce, i.e., from the farmer to the customer. Germany is one of the largest exporters of orange, exporting 1,694,559 metric ton in 2016, and China is the largest producer of orange producing 99.07 million metric ton during the same year.

Supply Chain Management of Orange is Dependent on Several Factors

Supply chain management of oranges is dependent on perishable nature of the produce, high fluctuations in demand and prices, and on climatic conditions. There are several players involved in fulfilling the needs of the consumer in the supply chain of orange, like farmers, local traders, transporters, processors, retailers, etc. Perishable fruits, like orange, produced in the farmer‘s field reaches the end consumer through a chain of intermediaries. These intermediaries carry out various functions, such as transfer of ownership of commodities, its movement, maintenance, and preservation of quantity & quality, payment to the seller, and commodity delivery to the buyer.

Market Share Captured by the Intermediate Partners

The players involved in orange supply chain are agents, auctioneers, wholesalers, traditional retailers of all type of formats family run stores, pavement shops, and cart vendors, apart from farmers and customers. Agents, auctioneers, and wholesalers are traders in the orange supply chain. In the orange supply chain model, farmers sell their products to the customers through various intermediate partners who keep the entire price share in the market.

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1. Introduction

                1.1 Market Definition

                1.2 Key Findings of the Study

2. Research Scope & Methodology

                2.1 Study Deliverables

                2.2 Study Assumptions

                2.3 Research Methodology

                2.4 Research Phases

3. Market Overview

                3.1 Supply Chain Analysis

                                3.1.1 Detailed Supply Chain Structure

                                3.1.2 Issues with Supply Chain Structure

                3.2 Value Chain Analysis

                                3.2.1 Detailed Value Chain Structure

                                3.2.2 Issues with Value Chain Structure

4. Future of the Market

                4.1 Industry Outlook

                4.2 Opportunities

5. Appendix

6. Disclaimer

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