Life & Annuity Insurance Market - North America Trends, Industry Competitiveness, Disruptions & Innovations, and Forecasts to 2022

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Life & annuity insurance occupies the lion’s share in global premiums.

This segment of insurance is directly and severely affected by macroeconomic changes, especially changes in the associated regulatory environment and the health of associated capital markets.

  • Strong Recovery Gives Way to Stable Returns in Developed Markets: Over 2014-2015, the life insurance market (excluding health) surged ahead of the global P&C sector, by a small percentage. Growth rates have remained varied across geographies in developed markets, culminating in a higher than the P&C growth rate, over 2014-2015. Premium growth rates are currently lower in Western European countries, and in a way, “normal” than during 2012-2013, when strong growth rates were observed due to regulatory incentives. Alternative capital assets, occasionally, and non-inclusion in 401(k) plans hinder the growth of life insurance in mature markets, complete with other regional contexts that cannot be discounted when formulating a business plan.
  • Life Insurance Premiums Lead Premium Growth in Emerging Markets, Insurance Penetration to Provide Insight on the Markets to Select for Prospective Business: Underserved markets in Asia and Latin America lead the charge in boosting the global growth of this insurance business class. The Asian markets are led by life insurances (with the exception of Sri Lanka and Laos). While particular segments in P&C insurance have outstripped the premium growth of life insurance in Asia, in 2015, life insurance growth outdid the P&C growth.
  • Stagnating Life Insurance Penetration Leads, and Decreasing Proportion in PFA Leads to the Popularity of Alternative Products: The life Insurance share of PFA (personal financial assets) differs widely due to country-level regulations and demand from customers. Directly associated with insurance penetration, which is seen to stagnate in mature markets, we estimate that despite growth in life insurance globally, this scheme’s proportion in PFA is set to decline further still in the future. In place of life insurance products, more innovative products which which maximize the client’s need for downside coverage, while also maximizing the product’s upside potential will be favoured. These products include variable life and annuities. Whether cyclically or structurally, variable life insurance products have found market demand not only in mature markets, where they did better than the traditional life insurance segment (even during times of financial crises), but also in emerging economies.
  • Insurance Industry’s Trends: Technological disruptions across insurance sub-verticals, changing risk dynamics, and atypical capital access opportunities affect the sub-verticals of the P&C insurance industry in different measures, making some opportunities better than the others.


Scope of the Report

Key Offerings by Mordor Intelligence

Market Size

How much is one of the world's most profitable industry worth, in the current year? How much will it be worth, by 2022? Industry size is segmented by its most profit making sub-verticals (includes: L&H), with detailed insights provided, geographically.

Industry Trends & Market Dynamics

Macroeconomic, microeconomic, and even unanticipated factors, ranked according to the extent of the effects, influencing the insurance market at the global level. These include drivers helping the business ride the wave, barriers that could eventually obstruct, and potential opportunities, before they are leveraged by the competition.

Technological Disruptions

Data and Analytics form an indispensable component of the (re)insurance market. Based on the company’s position in the value chain and the company's vision and mission for the future, Mordor provides the most relevant innovations (operational, technological, disruptive, and others) in the field.

Capital Trends & Metrics

How is capital access changing in (re)insurance segments, across regions and industry sub-verticals? What are the influencing factors in this exchange of capital? How can these insights be integrated to contribute to the short-term goals?

Competition Profiling

This is the most comprehensive segment of the report, enlisting competition across pertinent points in the value chain.

An analysis of the competition for companies, segmented by their position in the market is provided. The coverage includes re-insurers, alternative capital sources, traditional insurance companies (listed exhaustively by sub-segments), and startups leveraging technologies and innovations. This section of the report facilitates sound and unbiased overview of the respective companies' strategies, in detail and throws light on how and why companies are adapting to the opportunities and challenges they foresee in the future while also competing in the existing structural environment of the P&C insurance products and services marketplace.


1. Executive Summary

2. Research Methodology

3. North America Insurance Industry Outlook

                3.1 GDP and Economic Activity

                3.2 Consumer Confidence

                3.3 Inflation

                3.4 Employment Rate

                3.5 Interest Rates

                3.6 Household Wealth

                3.7 Growth in Services

                3.8 Growth in Manufacturing

4. North America Regulatory Environment, Insurance and Insurance Investment Laws and Key Policy Initiatives

5. North America Market Dynamics

                5.1 Drivers

                5.2 Restraints

                5.3 Opportunities

                5.4 Challenges

                5.5 Technological Innovations (Includes Blockchain)

                5.6 Alternative Capital on the RIse

6. North America Market Segmentation

                6.1 Life

                                6.1.1 Market Size (USD million)

                                6.1.2 Total Direct Premiums (USD billion), Historical and Future Trends

                                6.1.3 Claims Payments (USD billion), Historical and Future Trends

                                6.1.4 Capital Structure

                                       Investment Income

                                       Net Income & Return on Equity

                                       Returns on Surplus

                                       Portfolio Allocation (Between Bonds, Shares, Real Estate & Between Public Sector Bonds & Private Sector Bonds)

                                       Average Real Net Investment Return, by Type of Insurer

                6.2 Other Annuities

                                6.2.1 Market Size (USD million)

                                6.2.2 Total Direct Premiums (USD million), Historical and Future Trends

                                6.2.3 Most Costly Insurance Losses by Years (USD million)

                                6.2.4 Claims Payments (USD billion), Historical and Future Trends

                                6.2.5 Capital Structure

                                       Investment Income

                                       Net Income & Return on Equity

                                       Returns on Surplus

                                       Portfolio Allocation (Between Bonds, Shares, Real Estate & Between Public Sector Bonds & Private Sector Bonds)

                                       Average Real Net Investment Return, by Type of Insurer

7. Geographies Covered in this Study

                7.1 North America

                                7.1.1 USA

                                7.1.2 Canada

                                7.1.3 Mexico

                7.2 Western Europe

                                7.2.1 France

                                7.2.2 Poland

                                7.2.3 Swtizerland

                                7.2.4 Austria

                                7.2.5 Norway

                                7.2.6 Denmark

                                7.2.7 Finland

                                7.2.8 Sweden

                                7.2.9 Greece

                                7.2.10 Germany

                                7.2.11 Netherlands

                                7.2.12 UK

                                7.2.13 Spain

                                7.2.14 Ireland

                7.3 Eastern Europe

                                7.3.1 Russia

                                7.3.2 Slovenia

                                7.3.3 Slovak Republic

                                7.3.4 Czech Republic

                                7.3.5 Estonia

                7.4 Oceania

                                7.4.1 Australia

                                7.4.2 New Zealand

                                7.4.3 Papua New Guinea

                7.5 Middle East & Africa

                                7.5.1 Turkey

                                7.5.2 Saudi Arabia

                                7.5.3 UAE

                                7.5.4 Israel

                                7.5.5 Iran

                                7.5.6 South Africa

                7.6 APAC

                                7.6.1 China

                                7.6.2 India

                                7.6.3 Australia

                                7.6.4 Japan

                                7.6.5 Malaysia

                                7.6.6 Singapore

                                7.6.7 Indonesia

                                7.6.8 Sri Lanka

                                7.6.9 South Korea

                7.7 South America

                                7.7.1 Peru

                                7.7.2 Brazil

                                7.7.3 Colombia

                                7.7.4 Uruguay

                                7.7.5 Argentina

8. North America Competition Profiling

                8.1 Bilateral or Domestic Insurance Associations of Note

                8.2 Market Share Analysis

                                8.2.1 Life

                                8.2.2 Other Annuities

                8.3 Key Player Profiles

                                8.3.1 Industry Vertical, Position in the Value Chain, Market Demand Generating Factors)

                                8.3.2 Net Income

                                8.3.3 Strategies for Operation (Includes Innovations and Disruptions of note)

                                8.3.4 M&A

                                8.3.5 Country of Operation

                8.4 Companies Covered (Not-Exhaustive)

                                8.4.1 Berkshire Hathaway

                                8.4.2 AXA

                                8.4.3 Allianz

                                8.4.4 Japan Post Holdings

                                8.4.5 Assicurazioni Generali

                                8.4.6 Prudential Plc

                                8.4.7 China Life Insurance

                                8.4.8 Ping An Insurance

                                8.4.9 Legal & General Group

                                8.4.10 Munich Re

                                8.4.11 Cyence

                                8.4.12 Lemonade

                                8.4.13 Oscar

                                8.4.14 PolicyGenius

                                8.4.15 Safeshare

                                8.4.16 SimpleSurance

                                8.4.17 SynerScope

                                8.4.18 Trov

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