Kiwi Value Chain Analysis (2020 - 2025)

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Kiwi occupies a small fraction of less than 0.05% of the global fruit bowl. The only way to compete is through differentiated market position based on high-quality branded product.

Zespri International Limited is the Largest Marketer of Kiwi Fruit Globally

Zespri International Limited is the largest marketer of kiwifruit globally, managing more than 30% of the global volume. Zespri sets the global benchmark, with sales accounting for 137.7 million trays of premium-quality Zespri kiwi fruit in 2016-2017. The industry triangle is made up of three key participants –  Growers, Zespri, and Suppliers. Each of the participants plays a crucial part in the integrity of the kiwi supply chain. The supply chain is controlled mainly by suppliers and Zespri.

High Crop Losses Aggravate Issues in the Value Chain

The major problem with kiwi is that by the time the bigger fruits are picked, the later flowering fruits grow but at different levels, which makes it very hard to predict the sugar content of the kiwi fruit and to have a certain standard of maturation. Inefficiency in the way fruits are picked leads to a high level of waste in the field and during post-harvest operations. By having just three harvests per vine, many fruits are lost in the ground because they are too mature for the coming harvest and too less for the previous one. During post-harvest operations, many fruits are lost because of non-uniformity in the punnet.

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1. Introduction

              1.1 Market Definition

              1.2 Key Findings of the Study

2. Research Scope & Methodology

              2.1 Study Deliverables

              2.2 Study Assumptions

              2.3 Research Methodology

              2.4 Research Phases

3. Market Overview

              3.1 Supply Chain Analysis

                             3.1.1 Detailed Supply Chain Structure

                             3.1.2 Issues with Supply Chain Structure

              3.2 Value Chain Analysis

                             3.2.1 Detailed Value Chain Structure

                             3.2.2 Issues with Value Chain Structure

4. Outlook

              4.1 Industry Outlook

              4.2 Opportunities

5. Appendix

6. Disclaimer

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