DEC 2017

Investment Opportunities In The Republic Of Ghana

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Ghana has a stable political system, wealth of natural resources and a dynamic economy which is flourishing. It has earned accolades for its peaceful political transition and firm commitment to democracy which has expedited the growth in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows to the country.   Building on the significant natural resources present in the country, Ghana has now redirected its efforts to build its physical infrastructure through an ambitious reform program to improve the investment climate for both local and international investors. This effort has won appreciation from the World Bank with Ghana being recognized as the best place for business in the ECOWAS region. During and after the financial crisis when the world was reeling under the economic crisis, Ghana maintained a high growth rate.

Investment in the stock market was eased through the Foreign Exchange Act, 2006 (Act 723) which allows individual foreign investors to buy up to 10% equity in any stock and institutional investors can invest up to 74% which can be waived in special circumstances. The exchange has grown in leaps and bounds and has registered tremendous growth through the lean year following the financial crisis which saw a flight of capital from developed countries.    

Certain sectors in Ghana’s economy need massive investment to reduce its reliance agriculture based revenues. Sectors like agriculture and agro-processing, cotton and textiles, food processing, mineral processing, manufacturing, oil and gas, tourism and ICT present a host of investment opportunities. This report on the outlook for lucrative investment areas reviews the potential future returns, technological advancements, regulations and market responses so as to provide a detailed but clear perspective on the potential implications for the growth prospects of these sectors for the next five years using past historical data and analysis.

Key questions that will be answered:

  • What are the virgin investments in Ghana?
  • What kind of growth can these sectors see in the next five years?
  • With investments pouring in how will Ghana’s stock market react and which companies stand to gain the most?
  • Is there a viable market for these goods and services?
  • Do any kinds of entry barriers exist?
  • How much can one invest in these sectors?
  • Financial analysis of expected returns?
  • Financial analysis and forecasts in these sectors?
  • What are the regulations in place?
  • What kinds of support in terms of SOPs are present in these sectors?

Who will benefit from this report?





Agriculture & Agro-Processing

Provision for agricultural inputs in the form of improved seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides etc. Opportunities exist in the processing of agricultural and dairy products.


Cotton and Textiles

Opportunities exist in production, marketing and distribution, raw materials and technology and supporting services.



Opportunities in hospitals and clinics, laboratories, hospital equipment and R&D facilities.



Companies who manufacture heavy capital goods and chemicals would be interested as this country is ripe for the picking in this sector.


Information , Communication and Technology

In keeping with Ghana’s plan of modernization the government is gearing up the revamp their technological infrastructure in connectivity, cyber safety and security, e-government, e-education


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