Top Five companies with Investment Opportunities in the E-Health Market in India(2020 - 2025)

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Investment Opportunities in the E-Health Market  in India

E-Health (E stands for Electronic) can be defined as the effort in healthcare to harness the benefits through the convergence of the internet and healthcare. The technology is emerging and encompasses an intersection of medical informatics, public health and business. The technology in a developing economy such as India is more than the deployment of a new set-up. In the Indian context, it is also a change in the mind-set.

The aim of the technology is to spread awareness of the importance of health, make healthcare more affordable, and establish an easy communication between doctors and patients, and the various other services that can be availed of in the healthcare context. The system not only facilitates the process of available treatments and medical aid at the time of emergency, but also secures payment transactions for treatments.  Such a set-up also saves the number of visits and waiting time for patients and manages a doctor’s time more effectively.

The E-Health system has caught up in India due to varied reasons ranging from the emergence of IT, the rise of connectivity and online businesses and the poor Doctor to Patient ratio causing several inconveniences to the doctors and exposing patients to the dangerous perils of poor medical treatment and lack of hygiene and care. Unfortunately, due to a lack of internet bandwidth in remote places, high cost of adoption of technology, slow pace of adoption, the lack of medical awareness and the willingness to accept the mode of functioning at large, the growth of the technology is being hindered in the Indian market.

The E-Health system can help in three kinds of interactions. 1) B2B: Business to business where Institution-to-institution transmission of data is possible 2) B2C: Business to Consumer where Consumers can interact effectively with an online system 3) C2C: Consumer to consumer where peer-to-peer communications between consumers is possible. The market can also be segmented on the basis of verticals: Doctor (Backend functions for doctors to manage their practice efficiently), Labs (to display lab tests and available packages), Patient (to Check and book appointments) and Pharmacy; and services like safe drinking water, tele-medical consultation, advanced diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medicines and referrals.

The market shows tremendous opportunity in aspects of seamless integration of healthcare and IT, in the domain of public health, M-Health and Paperless diagnosis and functioning. The report enumerates the five fastest emerging companies in the domain, namely E-Health point, E-Health Access, Ziffi, Practo and MediPlace with details of their Company Profiles, key Business Strategies, Products and Services, Innovations and Recent Developments, SWOT Analysis, and Financial Overviews.

What the report offers

The study highlights the E-Health market scenario and predicts the growth of the market with details of the growth pattern, market trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, governmental regulation and policies associated, future forecasts etc. of the region.

The market has also been segmented on the basis of Type, Vertical and Service for a better understanding of the shares and revenues.  Additionally, the report talks of the economic condition of the sector with a financial overview of the Top Five emerging companies showing maximum promise and implications of growth. 

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