Brazil Water Enhancer Market - Growth, Trends and Forecast (2020 - 2025)

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Brazil Water Enhancer Market

Brazil is the most important market in the South American continent, with an estimated 50% share of the total market. The market is expected to move towards a mature phase, resembling the consumer pattern of North America and Europe. The bottled water consumption in Brazil accounted for 23.9 gallons per capita during 2013, with the market for ingredients such as Vitamins and Electrolytes estimated to reach US$$ 35.2 million and US$28.5 million respectively by 2022.  

The consumption of water enhancers is a mostly urban phenomenon; making Brazil the ideal location for this market. The population of Brazil is mostly concentrated in the large coastal cities, such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, making it one of the prime markets for the enhancer products. These regions also represent a higher income level and superior living standards. The focus of the consumers is mostly pivoted around three issues- Convenience, Pleasure, and Health and wellness; the success of water enhancer products is based on this marketing center. The other major problem of Brazil is obesity, with over 40% of Brazilians being overweight. This has increased the focus on healthy food items, with low sugar and zero calorie status; this fact considerably helps the water enhancer market. 

  • Market Definition for the specified topic along with identification of key drivers and restraints for the market.
  • Market analysis for the Brazil Water enhancer market, with region specific assessments and competition analysis on a global and regional scale.
  • Identification of factors instrumental in changing the market scenarios, rising opportunities and global consumer trends.
  • Extensively researched competitive landscape section with profiles of major companies along with their share of markets. 
  • Identification and analysis of the Macro and Micro factors that affect the Brazil Water Enhancer market on both global and regional scale.
  • A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information.

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