Beverages Industry in Cuba: Analysis of Growth, Trends and Progress (2020 - 2025)

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Historically Cuba has been place of alcoholic beverages like rum. Famous Cuban cocktails include: Cuba Libre, Mojito, Daiquiri, Pina Colada. Beer is too popular in Cuba. Given its historical linkages, consumption of alcoholic beverages has been common in the nation. Famous Cuban beer includes: Cristal, Hatuey, La- Tropical, Cubay Clasica and Bucanero Fuerte. Wine consumption is very low in Cuba. A person (above 15 years of age) in Cuba consumes around 7.26 liters of pure alcohol per year. Growing disposable income has led to rise in alcohol consumption in the country.  Spirits constitute nearly 2/3rd of total alcohol consumption while Beer consumption is responsible for little less than 1/3rd of total alcohol consumption. Rum is most preferred among Spirits followed by Whiskey and Vodka.

Apart from alcoholic brevergaes, soft drinks like colas and sodas are also popular among Cuban populations. Materva-soda with herb and Jupino- pineapple soda are common in Cuba. Tukola, TropiCola are some of the well-known cola brands in Cuba. Among hot beverages, coffee consumption is widespread due to its huge coffee industry. Cafacito or Café Cubano is a renowned coffee servings very popular among tourists as well as local population. Coffee consumption has grown at a CAGR of 5.2 % in last 5 years.

Rising disposable income and increasing tourist inflows are major factor driving Cuban beverage market. Cuba also exports beverages and spirits to many European as well as Latin American Countries. Cuba’s total export of beverage was worth USD 133.4 million in 2014. Spain was the largest importer of Cuban Beverages and alcohols followed by France, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Canada and UK. Apart from export demand, demand for beverages are expected to increase domestically to rise in number of tourist in the countries. As Cuba’s diplomatic relations grows with US and other Western nations, tourism sector in Cuba is expected to grow. Large inflow of foreign tourist is expected to raise the demand for Cuban liquor and beverage industry. However, declining population in the nation is expected to act as a restraint to this industry.

What the report offers

The study identifies the situation of Cuba and predicts the growth of its Beverages Industry. Report talks about growth, market trends, progress, challenges, opportunities, government regulations, growth forecast, major companies, upcoming companies and projects etc. in the Beverages Industry of Cuba. In addition to it, the report also talks about economic conditions of and future forecast of its current economic scenario and effect of its current policy changes in to its economy, reasons and implications on the growth of this sector. Lastly, the report is segmented by various types of Beverages available in the country.

1. Introduction

                1.1 Report Description

                1.2 Research methodology

                1.3 Definition of the Market

                1.4 Areas covered

2. Executive Summary

3. Key Findings of the Study

4. Market Overview

5. Introduction

6. Economic Indicators

                6.1 GDP

                6.2 GDP Growth

                6.3 Inflation rate

                6.4 Interest Rate

                6.5 Jobless Rate

                6.6 Fiscal Deficit

                6.7 Current Account Deficit

7. Market Segmentation

8. Investment Opportunities

9. Market Dynamics

                9.1 Drivers

                9.2 Restraints

                9.3 Opportunities

                9.4 Industry Value Chain Analysis

                9.5 Industry Attractiveness – Porter’s 5 Force Analysis

                9.6 Industry Policies

10. Market Entry Parameters

                10.1 Government Regulations

                10.2 Competitors

                                10.2.1 Major Players and Their Market Share

                                10.2.2 Major Products

                                10.2.3 Growth and Forecast of Competitors

                                10.2.4 SWOT Analysis of Competitors

                                10.2.5 Bubble Analysis of Competitors

                                10.2.6 Upcoming Companies

                10.3 Consumer/Customer

                                10.3.1 Segmentation

                                10.3.2 Behaviour

                                10.3.3 Spending Pattern

                                10.3.4 Target market

                                10.3.5 Tourist Seasons

                                10.3.6 Demographic Strength/Weakness

11. Alcoholic Beverages

                11.1 Rum

                                11.1.1 Summary

                                11.1.2 Key Findings

                                11.1.3 Consumption (Region Wise)

                                11.1.4 Export

                                11.1.5 Production

                                11.1.6 Import

                                11.1.7 Major Companies

                                11.1.8 SWOT Analysis of Companies

                                11.1.9 Market demand to 2020.

                11.2 Whiskey

                                11.2.1 Summary

                                11.2.2 Key Findings

                                11.2.3 Consumption (Region Wise)

                                11.2.4 Export

                                11.2.5 Production

                                11.2.6 Import

                                11.2.7 Major Companies

                                11.2.8 SWOT Analysis of Companies

                                11.2.9 Market demand to 2020.

                11.3 Vodka

                                11.3.1 Summary

                                11.3.2 Key Findings

                                11.3.3 Consumption (Region Wise)

                                11.3.4 Export

                                11.3.5 Production

                                11.3.6 Import

                                11.3.7 Major Companies

                                11.3.8 SWOT Analysis of Companies

                                11.3.9 Market demand to 2020.

                11.4 Beer

                                11.4.1 Summary

                                11.4.2 Key Findings

                                11.4.3 Consumption (Region Wise)

                                11.4.4 Export

                                11.4.5 Production

                                11.4.6 Import

                                11.4.7 Major Companies

                                11.4.8 SWOT Analysis of Companies

                                11.4.9 Market demand to 2020.

                11.5 Others

                                11.5.1 Summary

                                11.5.2 Key Findings

                                11.5.3 Consumption (Region Wise)

                                11.5.4 Export

                                11.5.5 Production

                                11.5.6 Import

                                11.5.7 Major Companies

                                11.5.8 SWOT Analysis of Companies

                                11.5.9 Market demand to 2020.

12. Non-Alcoholic Beverages

                12.1 Colas and Juices

                                12.1.1 Summary

                                12.1.2 Key Findings

                                12.1.3 Consumption (Region Wise)

                                12.1.4 Export

                                12.1.5 Production

                                12.1.6 Import

                                12.1.7 Major Companies

                                12.1.8 SWOT Analysis of Companies

                                12.1.9 Market demand to 2020.

                12.2 Coffee

                                12.2.1 Summary

                                12.2.2 Key Findings

                                12.2.3 Consumption (Region Wise)

                                12.2.4 Export

                                12.2.5 Production

                                12.2.6 Import

                                12.2.7 Major Companies

                                12.2.8 SWOT Analysis of Companies

                                12.2.9 Market demand to 2020.

                12.3 Others

                                12.3.1 Summary

                                12.3.2 Key Findings

                                12.3.3 Consumption (Region Wise)

                                12.3.4 Export

                                12.3.5 Production

                                12.3.6 Import

                                12.3.7 Major Companies

                                12.3.8 SWOT Analysis of Companies

                                12.3.9 Market demand to 2020.

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