Asia Pacific Data Center power Market - By Solution (Power Distribution and Measurement, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Generator, Cabling Infrastructure), Service (Consulting, System Integration, Professional Service), Industry, Geography, Trends, F

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Energy use in data centers throughout APAC is rising to match skyrocketing demand. 26.5% of the total energy used by data centers around the world is consumed by the APAC region and there is no sign of a slowing demand. Lack of energy management methods coupled with the unprecedented rise in demand, are the major concerns to the data center power market in the APAC region. 

The skyrocketing demand while the supply is scarce is evident in the very high retail colocation space pricing in the APAC region as compared to the US pricing, it is 2.75 times higher. Increasing power and cooling requirements driven by the increasing need for high density blade servers is placing Malaysia, India and China on site selection maps, where land is less scarce as compared to traditional places like Hong Kong and Singapore. This is expected to drive the prices down as investments are set to reduce.

The increasing Power and utility prices are becoming roadblocks to this market. The rapid rise in power consumption has driven the state providers to increase the prices by at least 10% over the last couple of years. The decreasing price due to increasing competition with the increasing number of new entrants into the market is also cutting into the profits of data center providers. 

Data Centers are the most space efficient and time efficient pieces of technology and its importance quite unnoticed in the market today.

Data Centers are commonly run by large companies or government agencies to accommodate computer systems and associated components, such as storage systems and telecommunications. However, they are also extensively used to provide fast-growing cloud solution services to private and business applications. One of these applications include redundant or backup power supplies.

In addition, the data centers also have a large amount of equipment associated with supplying power and cooling, and mostly with automatic fire extinguishing systems. This requires a significant amount of power which makes the parameter “power” a very important component of the expenses incurred in running Data Centers. 


The increasing market demand for Data Center is being driven by the exceptional rise in the demand for data storage space. 

The need for security of the data and prevention of accidental or intentional manipulation of hardware means that data centers are placed in well-constructed, sturdy buildings that house servers, storage devices, cables, and a connection to the Internet.

The growing demand for data storage is also one of the reasons behind expanding the functionalities or the capacities of the data centers of various companies and businesses.

With the growing awareness about power conservation, many sectors have started opting for greener or eco-friendly alternatives, given the rising concerns regarding excessive power consumption and is also one of the major contributor to the growing Data Centers Market.


There are still many who aren’t that well aware of the efficient power management techniques, and apart from this, the data center market would also need a one-time huge amount of investment initially.

The report analyzes the market on the basis of applications that are segregated by various end user industries like BFSI, Healthcare, Government, Energy and Power and Information Technology across major geographical regions of the world.

Major market players like ABB, Eaton, and HP among others are studied. Their current market strategies as well as their progress in the market are also analyzed.


1.Asia-Pacific Data Market Overview with information on drivers and restraints

2.In-depth Data Center Market Analysis and its applications in the industry

3.Identification of factors responsible for changing the market scenarios, rising prospective 4.opportunities and identification of key companies which can influence the market on global and regional scale

5.Extensively researched competitive landscape with profiles of major companies along with their market shares

6.A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information

1. Introduction

1.1 Key Deliverables Of The Study

1.2 Study Assumptions

1.3 Market Definition

1.4 Key Findings Of The Study

2. Research Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Market Overview

4.2 Market Drivers

4.3 Market Constraints

5. Porter's Five Forces Analysis

5.1 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers

5.2 Bargaining Power Of Buyers

5.3 Threat Of New Entrants

5.4 Threat Of Substitute Products And Services

5.5 Degree Of Competition

6. Technology Snapshot

7. Asia-Pacific Data Center Power Market, By Solution

7. 1 Power Distribution And Measurement

7.2 Uninterruptible Power Supply (Ups)

7.3 Generator

7.4 Cabling Infrastructure

8. Asia-Pacific Data Center Power Market – Segmented By Service

8. 1 Consulting

8.2 System Integration

8.3 Professional Service

9. Asia-Pacific Data Center Power Market – Segmented By Verticals

9.1. BFSI

9.2. Telecommunications

9.3. Energy

9.4. Healthcare

9.5. Government

9.6. Others

10. Asia-Pacific Data Center Power Market - Segmented By Country

10.1 China

10.2 India

10.3 Japan

10.4 South Korea

10.5 Others

11. Competitive Intelligence – Company Profiles

11.1 Abb Ltd.

11.2 Eaton Corporation Plc

11.3 General Electric

11.4 Hp Development Company, L.P.      

11.5 Raritan, Inc.             

11.6 Schneider Electric Se

11.7 Emerson Network Power (Emerson Electric Company)

11.8. Server Technology, Inc.

11.9 Tripp Lite  

11.10 Rittal Gmbh & Co. Kg (Subsidiary Of Friedhelm Loh Stiftung & Co. Kg)

12. Investment Analysis – Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Outlook

13. Future Of Data Center Power Market

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