Ambient Proximity - Market Potential, Applications, Opportunities, Trends, Competitive & Investment Analysis

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Ambient Proximity can be defined as the detection of a person or object present nearby by using suitable sensors. This technology is increasingly being used in smart systems driving the market. This technology allows a device to be active only when a user is nearby thus helping in increasing the energy efficiency of the systems. This also helps in tracking user activity to better predict the behavior of the user which could help in achieving a more sophisticated interaction. There are many types of proximity sensors which use light, radar, or sound to detect the presence of the user. With the advancements in Internet of things and cloud computing the market for ambient proximity sensors is expected to see a good growth in the next 5 years.

Ambient Proximity has various applications in smart homes. Growth in smart lighting and smart homes as a whole will drive the market for Ambient Intelligence to enter the mainstream. As more people opt for smart technologies, ambient intelligence is expected to see massive increase in demand in the next 5 years. Also, with increased power demand, this technology is expected to drive massive investments in developing countries. Other fields where this technology finds applications are Nano technology, and autonomous cars among others.

The study, besides estimating the Ambient Proximity market potential till 2025, analyzes on who can be the market leaders and what partnerships would help them to capture the market share. The report gives an overview about the dynamics of the market, by discussing various aspects such as drivers, restraints, Porter’s 5 forces, value chain, customer acceptance and investment scenario.  

The study in brief deals with the product life cycle, comparing it to the relevant products from across industries that had already been commercialized. It approximates the time for innovation, in order for the industry to maintain a stable growth over a sustained period. The report also details the potential for various applications, discussing about recent product innovations and gives an overview on potential regional market shares.

1. Introduction

                1.1 Concept

                1.2 Study Deliverables

2. Scope of the Study

3. Research Methodology

4. Executive Summary

5. Market Overview

                5.1 Current Market Scenario

                5.2 Market Drivers

                5.3 Market Restraints

                5.4 Market Trends

                5.5 Recent innovations and product developments

6. Market Dynamics

                6.1 Porters 5 Forces

                                6.1.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

                                6.1.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers

                                6.1.3 Degree of Competition

                                6.1.4 Threat of Substitution

                                6.1.5 Threat of New Entrants

                6.2 Product Life Cycle Analysis

                6.3 Value Chain Analysis

                6.4 Customer Acceptance / Adaptability

                6.5 Comparative Analysis

                6.6 Investment Scenario

7. Market Potential – Size, Forecast, Trends & Opportunities (2016 – 2021)

                7.1 Market Definition

                7.2 Market Size Forecast

                7.3 Regional Market Analysis

8. Competitive Landscape

                8.1 Current Market Landscape

                8.2 Potential Entrants

                8.3 Market Share Estimation

9. Conclusion 

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