Africa Ruminant Feed Market - Trends and Forecasts (2020 - 2025)

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  • Neovia, one of the dominant feed manufacturer has plans to accelerate the growth in South Africa
  • Manufacturers are actively involved in boosting Aflasafe use in Africa
  • Feed additive firm Neovia in a recent agreement has brought Agranix

The Africa ruminant feed market estimated at USD XX  billion in 2016 is projected to reach USD XX billion by 2021, at a CAGR of XX% over the forecast period.

Ruminant Population Density in Africa-2015


The major countries in this region are South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria etc. The market is largely untapped and unorganized. The rising awareness among the farmers about the benefits of ruminant feed makes this region a potential market for key players. Of the developing world, the African continent has 17% of the cattle and 26% of the small ruminant population; these percentages change to 11 and 17% respectively when compared with world populations. Cattle are most numerous in semi-arid regions about 31% followed by the sub-humid and arid zones and the highlands about 20% each. Small ruminants are mainly distributed in the arid zone, and goats outnumber sheep except in the highlands. Ruminant densities are by far the highest in the highlands, followed by the semi-arid zone. The major challenge in front of the feed manufacturers is the rising competition for raw materials between the feed and food industry. The rising cost of raw materials is posing a threat to the growth of the feed industry. South Africa is the major market in the region and accounts for 21.34% of the market share. The market in South Africa is expected to grow with the increased consumption of meat and meat products. The consumption of feed is expected to grow gradually in other countries as well.


On the basis of Ingredients

  • Cereals
  • Cereal by- products
  • Oilseed Meals
  • Oil
  • Molasses
  • Supplements
  • Others

On the basis of supplements

  • Vitamins
  • Amino Acids
  • Antibiotics
  • Enzymes
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Acidifiers
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics
  • Others

Lastly, on the basis of geography

  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Others

Key players

The key players in the African market include:

  • Archer Daniels Midland
  • DeKalb Feeds
  • Alltech Inc.
  • Land O Lakes
  • Purina
  • Cargill Inc.
  • Heiskell & Co.
  • Kent Feeds

To gain market share, these companies are adapting numerous market strategies like innovative product development, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, and expansion of existing facilities.

1. Introduction                                                                          

1.1. Methodology                                                           

1.2. Definition of the Market                                                      

2. Key Findings of the Study                                                                                

3. Market Analysis                                                                    

3.1. Livestock Industry Trend                                                     

3.2. Meat Industry Trend                                                             

3.3. Price Trend Analysis                                                               

3.4. Threshold Matters of the Industry                                                  

3.5. Factors Affecting the Africa Ruminant Feed Market

3.5.1. Drivers                                     

3.5.2. Restraints                                               

3.5.3. Opportunities                                       

3.6. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis                                                      

3.6.1. Bargaining Power of Buyers                                           

3.6.2. Bargaining Power of Suppliers                                       

3.6.3. Degree of Competition                                    

3.6.4. Threat of New Entrants                                    

3.6.5. Threat of Substitutes                                        

3.7. Africa Regulatory Environment – Impact Analysis

3.8. Value Chain Analysis

4. Share of Ruminant Feed in Africa Compound Feed Market

4.1. Dairy                                                            

4.2. Beef                                                             

4.3. Others                                                         

5. Africa Ruminant Feed Additives Market

5.1 Antibiotics

5.1.1 Antibiotics Market, by Types Tetracyclines Penicillins Sulfonamides Macrolides Aminoglycosides Cephalosporins Others

5.1.2 Antibiotics Market, by Animal Type

5.1.3 Antibiotics Market, by Geography

5.2 Vitamins

5.2.1 Vitamins Market, by Type A E B C Others

5.2.2 Vitamins Market, by Animal Type

5.2.3 Vitamins Market, by Geography

5.3 Antioxidants

5.3.1 Antioxidants Market, by Type BHA BHT Ethoxyquin Others

5.3.2 Antioxidants Market, by Animal Type

5.3.3 Antioxidants Market, by Geography

5.4 Amino Acids

5.4.1 Amino Acids Market, by Type Tryptophan Lysine Methionine Threonine Others

5.4.2 Amino Acids Market, by Animal Type

5.4.3 Amino Acids Market, by Geography

5.5 Enzymes

5.5.1 Enzymes Market, by Type Carbohydrases Phytases Others

5.5.2 Enzymes Market, by Animal Type

5.5.3 Enzymes Market, by Geography

5.6 Acidifiers

5.6.1 Acidifiers Market, by Type Lactic Acid Propionic Acid Fumaric Acid Others

5.6.2 Acidifiers Market, by Animal Type

5.6.3 Acidifiers Market, by Geography

5.7 Mycotoxin Detoxifiers

5.7.1 Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market, by Type Binders Bentonite Clays Others Biotransformers Enzymes Yeasts Others

5.7.2 Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market, by Animal Type

5.7.3 Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market, by Geography

5.8 Prebiotics

5.8.1 Prebiotics Market, by Type Inulin Fructo-Oligosaccharides Galacto-Oligosaccharides Others

5.8.2 Prebiotics Market, by Animal Type

5.8.3 Prebiotics Market, by Geography

5.9 Probiotics

5.9.1 Probiotics Market, by Type Lactobacilli Bifidobacteria Others

5.9.2 Probiotics Market, by Animal Type

5.9.3 Probiotics Market, by Geography

5.10 Palatability Enhancers

5.10.1 Palatability Enhancers Market, by Type Flavors Sweeteners Aroma Enhancers

5.10.2 Palatability Enhancers Market, by Animal Type

5.10.3 Palatability Enhancers Market, by Geography

5.11 Feed Pigments

5.11.1 Feed Pigment Market, by Type Carotenoids Others

5.11.2 Feed Pigment Market, by Animal Type

5.11.3 Feed Pigment Market, by Geography

5.12 Feed Binders

5.12.1 Feed Binders Market, by Types Natural Synthetic

5.12.2 Feed Binders Market, by Animal Type

5.12.3 Feed Binders Market, by Geography

5.13 Others

5.13.1 Other Additives Market, by Types Minerals Feed Emulsifiers Others

5.13.2 Other Additives Market, By Geography

5.13.3 Other Additives Market, By Animal type

6. Geographical Segmentation (Market Sizes – Volume/Value, CAGR)

6.1 Africa

6.1.1 South Africa

6.1.2 Egypt

6.13 Others

7. The Future of the Industry – Expert View

8. Key Player Profiles

8.1. Charoen Pokphand (Thailand)

8.2. Cargill Inc. (U.S.)

8.3. Land O Lakes Purina (U.S.)

8.4. Alltech Inc. (U.S.)

8.5. Archer Daniels Midland (U.S.)

8.6. New Hope Group (China)

8.7. Wen’s Group (China)

8.8. ForFarmers (Netherlands)

8.9. Miratorg Agribusiness Holding (Russia)

8.10. Kyodo Shiryo Company (Japan)

8.11. Sodrugestvo Group (Russia)

8.12. DeKalb Feeds (U.S.)

8.13. De Hues (The Netherlands)

8.14. Ballance Agri-Nutrients (New Zealand)

8.15. Heiskell & CO. (U.S.)

8.16. Kent Feeds (U.S.)

8.17. Weston Milling Animal Nutrition (Australia)

8.18. Zheng DA International Group (China)

8.19. Ewos Group (Norway)

8.20. Nutreco NV (The Netherlands)

9. Appendix

9.1 Sources

9.2 Disclaimer


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